What is Openroom.tv?

Openroom.tv, as we think of it, is visual radio. Visual radio for the everyman, the artists, the bored and sick of mainstream, the people looking for a new experience. Visual Radio means that we’re always on, We’re free to air and we love music and artful thinking. Launched in April 2014, Openroom.tv started as a passion project, founded on an appreciation for technology, a love of music and the vision to create an accessible, interactive platform that is an alternative to the commercial norm. With music at our core, We aim to bring you the best of the present and a hint of the future focussing on alternative but easy-listening pop. We’ve made tuning in as easy as pie, whether you’re in the middle of nowhere connecting on a mobile network, or in an office with the luxury of high speed internet, Openroom.tv will adjust to bring you the best possible experience. We stream to your desktop, mobile, tablet or via the Tune-In radio app, connect to us any time, any place, 24/7. At Openroom.tv, we love local, but it’s not always so lekker. So we do the legwork for you and find the best local talent on offer. Tune in to one of our chart shows, talk shows or LIVE gigs/events which you can watch in realtime on Openroom.tv. If you can’t be there in person or miss the stream because you forgot to buy data, we’ve got you covered. Openroom.tv keeps all our best content on Video-On-Demand, so if you find something you love, There’s nothing stopping you from watching it over and over again. We are a group of impassioned individuals, constantly working and re-envisioning. Currently we have daily, weekly and monthly shows in development, with personalities such as Catherine Grenfell. Watch this space for independent, online content centered around independent music, art, lifestyle and stories you’ll want to hear. No Pay-Per-View, No Subscription, No BS. If you dig our tune, or want to know more please go ahead and contact us!

The OR.TV Team.